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Eurobio Scientific


The Eurobio Scientific group is a French fully integrated leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics with expertise ranging from discovery to commercialization of specialty diagnostic solutions as well as products for research in life-science.

As a result of the acquisition of InGen by Exonhit in 2012 followed by the acquisition of Eurobio in 2017, the new Eurobio Scientific group benefits from the complementary capabilities derived from each company’s business models. Its growth is based on the continued development of its distribution activities, and the development of its high added value proprietary innovative diagnostic and life-science products.


Eurobio Scientific owns a broad and diversified portfolio of proprietary products in four specialty areas : transplantation, infectious diseases, life-science and cancer.

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In transplantation, the group commercializes media for the transportation and preservation of cornea grafts as well as a device to facilitate the corresponding surgery.
The group also commercializes AlloMap, a molecular test for the surveillance of heart-transplant patients, under an exclusive licence for Europe.

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In life-science, the group develops several products for R&D, targeting both government research organizations and the pharmaceutical industry. Eurobio Scientific commercializes cell culture media, molecular biology reagents as well as proprietary antibodies. Combining its own laboratory and a strong industrial expertise, the company also offers a service dedicated to manufacturing taylor-made products for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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Infectious diseases

For infectious diseases, the group is currently marketing several proprietary products, including TQS® (Tetanus Quick Stick) for the evaluation of patients’ immune status against tetanus, and the EBX molecular biology family which includes a range of tests aiming at identifying many pathogens responsible for infectious diseases and assessing the magnitude of the infection.

Additionally, Eurobio Scientific develops other diagnostic products using its molecular biology know-how.

Proprietary products

Eurobio Scientific develops its products in-house and manufactures them in one of its facilities in Les Ulis (France), Utrecht (The Netherlands), San Diego (California) and Rheinbach (Germany).


The group is currently the leading independent distributor of in vitro diagnostics in its territory.

It markets specialty diagnostic tests to public and private clinical laboratories, and is the market leader in France for distribution of HLA tests for transplantation.

Under exclusivity, Eurobio Scientific also commercializes tests and automated solutions developed by foreign industrial partners (US, South Korea, Europe…) in the field of infectious diseases, auto-immunity and quality control. It also sells a comprehensive range of reagents and instruments to life-science R&D laboratories.

With its engineers and product specialists, the group provides a superior service to its clients, including a dedicated hotline, technical support and servicing a large base of more than 500 diagnostic instruments installed in its clients laboratories.

Customer service

With the support of its engineers and products specialists, the group ensure a quality customer service with assistance through a dedicated hotline, technical support and after-sale service.


Headquartered in the Paris region, Eurobio Scientific has several affiliates in the US and Europe: UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands (see access maps).

The Group has 250 employees, including 40 scientists in R&D.

The Company has been listed on Euronext Growth Paris since 2005 and is part of the Euronext Growth BPI Innovation, PEA PME 150 and Euronext Tech Croissance indices.
(Reuters : ALERS.PA – Bloomberg ALERS:FP)

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